nmap cheat sheet

nmap cheat sheet

Hierbij een korte nmap cheat sheet

nmap -sP  = ping scan
nmap -sS  = syn scan
nmap -sT  = connect scan
nmap -sU  = udp scan
nmap -sO  = protocol scan

Daarnaast zijn er nog enkele opties beschikbaar:

-p1-65535 of -p- = al ports
-T [0-5] = 0=5, 1=15s, 2=.4s
-n = no DNS resolution
-O = os detection
-A = aggresive scan
-sV = version detection
-PN = no ping
-6 = ipv6 scan

Uitvoer en invoer

-oX  = write to XML file
-oG  = write to grep file
-oA  = save as all formats
-iL  = read host file
-execludefile  = excludes hosts in file

Geavanceerden opties

-sV -p# --script=banner
-ttl = set time to live

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